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Ethiopian universities are hampered both in their education and research efforts by insufficient ICT and library facilities. Jimma university is working hard to extend its ICT and library infrastructure.

The university ICT office, the university library, the Faculty of Natural and Information sciences and the Department of Information Technology joined forces to set up a project to increase the use of appropriate ICT and library infrastructure to enhance the quality of overall university activities in general and IUC research activities in particular. More specifically, this project aims at (i) enhancing communication services internally (Intranet) and externally (Internet) for the whole academic community in general and the IUC projects in particular, (ii) providing the Community Resource Centre in the Gilgel Gibe area with appropriate ICT infrastructure to communicate important IUC research results to the local community and (iii) enabling the library to provide information services using both its own library materials and the relevant part of the virtual stock of knowledge available worldwide.

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